A Survey of Performance Optimization for Mobile Applications

The relevance of mobile (handheld) devices, such as the so-called smartphones, has been ever growing for the past 10 years (3.2 billion smartphone users in 2019). Smartphones can nowadays be considered as the main information processing devices for users. Even though mobile devices are powerful, they represent resource-constrained devices making the development of applications that can run on them (mobile applications) challenging. To ensure user satisfaction and success of mobile applications, it is important to provide highly performant applications.

This website accompanies the paper A Survey of Performance Optimization for Mobile Applications, which is accepted for publication at the IEEE TSE journal. This survey explores work published between 2008 and 2020 that focus on the optimization of non-functional performance of mobile applications. We target our search at four performance characteristics: responsiveness, launch time, memory, and energy consumption. For each performance characteristic, we categorize optimization approaches based on the method used in the corresponding publications. Furthermore, we identify research gaps in the literature for future work.


The goal of this website is the development of a living literature review in the area of non-functional optimization of mobile applications. This website allows the reader to explore, search, navigate, and update the literature in this research area.


The research on non-functional application optimization is evolving fast. Therefore, we aim to keep this website as a living document. We encourage anyone to add papers relevant to this web site, by following these instructions for contributing.